Letting Go

Writing is fraught with emotion. We feel everything our characters feel – sometimes tenfold. When we’re editing, we feel elation and complete ineptitude (sometimes all in the same paragraph). When it’s time to show our baby to our critique partners, we feel apprehension and hope.

And, that’s not including all that writers go through when we query. The highs and lows so vast that we pull G-forces without leaving our desk.

Yeah. You can see why we drink.

There’s another emotion plaguing me. It’s the sense of something coming to a close. The feeling that it’s time for me to say good-bye.letting-go

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Moving Day!

Hi All,

I’ve made the leap to my own domain and my blog is moving with me. Won’t you guys grab a box and follow me over there? Free pizza and beer for all who help with the move. Oh wait, this isn’t college, is it?

Please update your bookmarks, RSS subscriptions etc. Here’s the new address:


See you at the new digs,